Apply to register a trademark in line

Find and classify your products and services

A trademark application form needs 3 things

The identity of the applicant
The sign to be deposited
The wording of products and services

We propose to help you on this last point. The most delicate point ...
In order to file your trademark application, you will use the Nice Classification. It is an international classification used to classify goods or services to define your rights.
The Nice Classification groups goods and services into 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services.

Nice Classification
Click on to view the different classifications and labels.

  • Games, sporting articles
    • Cosmetics, cleaning products
    • Jewelery, watches, medals
    • Clothes, shoes
  • Health products, food supplements, poisons, herbicides
  • Medical devices, prostheses, medical furniture, baby bottles
    • Chemicals for industry
    • Lubricants, fuels
    • Metal products
    • Non-metallic building products, stone statues
    • Rubber, resins, insulation products
    • Industrial machinery, robots, domestic machinery
  • Painting
  • Vehicles, bicycles, aircraft, trolleys and parts thereof
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen utensils, household, toilet
  • Paper articles, articles for painting, newspapers
  • Textile articles
  • Threads for textile use
  • Cloth, household linen
  • Haberdashery, wigs, artificial plants
  • Floor coverings, wall papers, carpets
  • Hand tools, kitchen utensil, weapons
  • Computer, electronics, optics, personal security
  • Lighting, heating, sanitary installations, appliances
  • Travel articles, pet clothing, saddlery
  • Firearms, pyrotechnics
  • Live or natural products, plants
    • Meat, vegetables, fruits, cooked products
    • Coffee, Tea, Candy, Pastry, snacking
      • Beers and soft drinks
      • Wines and alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking

  • Business, advertising
  • Financial services, Banking, Insurance
  • Training, events, cultural services, online games
  • Research, IT, architecture, technical control
  • Building, maintenance, repair
  • Matterwork, recycling, energy production
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport, distribution, travel
  • Restaurants, accommodation
  • Medical services, agriculture
  • Other services


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