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What can I do with 1idea1name ?

A name generator with numerous possiblities to find a business name (trademark, firm, domain name ...) or a pseudo!

Use our application to draw your own logo. Choose color, font, size, baseline ...

Check availability of selected name on different registers: Trademark databases, Companies databases, registrars...

Know the procedures to register a trademark or to reserve its domain name (before someone else does). Once your name is found, 1idea1name presents you the steps to follow to register your name to value it and defend you from the competition.

Create and print your own business card. Choose style, color, font, size, baseline... and print.

A practical tool that is the simplest for you. Free access, 24 hours a day.

The functions of 1idea1name

With 1idea1name , find a name for your business, website, product in seconds.
Contrary to what one might think, finding a name moose, easy to pronounce, matching you is not simple. It will take time. This can go through brainstormings, validations with your friends ...
And finally, when one thinks to have the ideal name, one soon realizes that this one is not available .
To help you speed up your search for names, 1idea1name offers creative and original solutions based on naming trends to find a name that hangs, that does not look like Name of its competitors.
Our name generator that adopts different algorithms is very useful because it helps you think more creatively.
You will be surprised to find that our solution will bring you many good ideas you would not have thought of (example: choose a Japanese name to express the sweetness and zen side of your products or services, or choose a Scandinavian name To express a character of conquest).
Our name generator can guide you and invite you to choose a radical that describes the concept of your business (example: speed, quick ... because you want to express reactivity or speed). Then he will build names with this radical.
Then with a click, you will be able to verify that this name is available.


From January 2016 to December 2016, with 1idea1name.com & id2nom.com:

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created names

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