Some advices to create your logo

A logo is a graphic representation of a brand or a company that is used on various communication media: advertising brochure, website, signboard, billboard …

This recognition element symbolizes the values ​​and image of the company.

To be effective, your logo must have qualities of evocation of the activity and be as timeless as possible. You should not create a logo every year!

What are the rules to follow in the creation of a logo:

  • Simplicity: Opt for simplicity. Choose simple, readable shapes. Your logo must be understood at first glance. Moreover, the more your logo will be simple the easier it will be memorized. Avoid logos of the clipart type or with a photo!
  • Sobriety: Do not use more than 3 colors and have a version of your logo in black and white. Make sure that your black and white logo is always clearly identifiable. Do not forget that colors make sense (see here the meaning of colors *) and can tell a lot about your products and services.
  • Limit the number of fonts. Your logo should not have more than 2 different font characters. Finally, the font (s) of character must be sufficiently simple and legible. Attention to bold characters. Sometimes the message may be less readable.
  • No special effects. Avoid special effects such as gradations, shadows, reflections or flashes of light. Depending on the size of your logo, these effects can degrade the image of your logo.
  • Experiment with different formats. Look at the rendering of your logo whether it is in the form of an icon, letterhead or signboard!
  • Verify that your logo does not violate third party rights. It will not be necessary here that your logo looks too much like a logo already registered. Besides the fact that your customers confuse you, you are more likely to be sued for infringement

Use our « logo maker » to create your own logo.

After reading all these good tips, you just have to create your logo!

To do this, Id2nom offers you an application to create your own logo as simply as possible. It will be enough to go on this page:

Creation is in 3 steps:

  • Choose a picture. This is about finding a shape for your logo. Either you choose a model among the hundred models presented or you propose a form that you download. Then you must choose its size, color and orientation (rotation)
  • Choose a text. This is to type the name of your product, your company or website. You customize this text by choosing a font, the size of the characters and finally the color of the characters.
  • Choose a second text. This second text is optional. It can be a baseline, a slogan, an e-mail address … Here again, you customize this text by choosing the typography, the size and the color of the characters.


When these steps are completed, all you have to do is save the logo. Simple, right?

With our online logos design software, you can create, edit and save as many logos as you like. It’s completely free!

You have nothing to lose, so why not try now?

What color choose for its logo? What is the sense of colors?

When you create your logo, you will often associate one or more colors with it. But what color to choose? Is it the right choice? Does the right message pass through our choice of color? Can we choose the red color for a balneotherapy resort?

Let’s see below, the hidden meaning of colors:

Red: Red is a color that has temperament. It can symbolize several contradictory values ​​at the same time as love and hate, life and death. It also represents passion, temptation, fire, blood, interdict, emotion, anger, aggressiveness, strength, power, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, Combat and determination.

Blue: The blue color reminds us first of all nature and the infinite since it makes us think directly to the sea and the sky. Blue is a color that symbolizes peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also sensitivity.

Green: Green is a color that reminds one of grass. This is why it represents naturalness, balance, permission and freshness, but it can also symbolize happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, calmness and serenity.

Yellow: Yellow is a cheerful, lively color that represents joy, energy, tonicity and dynamism. It can also symbolize gentleness and intelligence. It also refers to wealth and opulence when the yellow color approaches the color of gold.

Brown: The color brown is a color that makes us think of the earth, the trunks of the trees and even the fur of some animals. It therefore refers to the animal and plant world. That is why the chestnut symbolizes values ​​like naturalness, rusticity, solidity, stability, warmth, comfort but also softness and confidence.

Orange: Orange color is a very bright color that symbolizes values ​​such as audacity, intelligence, loyalty, trust and mistrust at the same time although these are conflicting values. It also represents heat, energy and radiation.

Rose: The color pink is a color that symbolizes rather positive values ​​like innocence, sweetness, romance, sweetness. It is a very feminine color. This color can also represent calm, peace, serenity, tranquility and confidence.

Violet: Purple is a color that symbolizes subtlety, mystery, romance, idealism, protection and melancholy. It also symbolizes freshness, purity, peace and luxury.

Black: Black is a dull color that symbolizes rather negative values. Black makes us think of fear, anxiety, the unknown, loss, emptiness and death. It can also be a sign of elegance.

White: The white color mainly represents positive values ​​such as purity, balance or innocence. It also reminds us of calm, peace and serenity.

Gray: The gray color represents rather negative values ​​since it is a dull color. It symbolizes sadness, depression, disarray, solitude and monotony.