How to find to get an email address that is not ridiculous?

It is not always easy to find a simple mail, serious and available. You’ve already experienced.

There is no more irritating than to find this type of message: « This user name has already been assigned. Would you like to try another? « Do we have a choice? No ?

And finally, is it credible to choose the default names and proposed to have a gmail address the type or No of course. One can even question the nature of the chosen name. In the first example, the figure 31 represent what: your age (you do not even think of all you have your whole life 31 years), your department, your birth year (1931…holala … you don? ‘are not young)?


But then how do?

For users to identify you well, I invite you to use your first name and preferably use any letter or initials. Eg davidmartin, david martin, david.martin, dmartin, d-martin, d.martin …. and add a type extension: .perso, .home, .pro, .office …

So, your email address will look like this:


Hopefully this post can help!