Create your own questionnaires to facilitate your meetings, presentations or courses

With (, you can easily generate free quizzes, surveys and MCQs. allows you:

  • Create (even from a smartphone) surveys, quizzes or evaluation
  • questionnaires within minutes
  • To share your questionnaire via social networks, hyperlink or QRcode …
  • To answer the questionnaire from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone
  • Get the results instantly in graphic form

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It is a very graphic tool with a nice aesthetic. Whether you use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, the questionnaire will adapt to the size of the screen.

You can make an unlimited number of questionnaires with an unlimited number of participants!

qruiz quiz en ligne gratuitUse this online questionnaire generator offers several possibilities:

  • If you are a teacher, you can playfully control the knowledge of your students. One advantage of this application is that you can know immediately the errors committed during a query or a QCM. Thus, you can comment and re-explain the misunderstood points. Your students will also know the mistakes they made. Once they have answered the questionnaire, gives the grade and the correct answers. The errors will be marked in red and the correct answers will be marked in green.
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  • If you are hosting meetings, you can create a survey to gather feedback from your colleagues. The results are immediately known and can be inserted directly into the meeting report. In addition, you can make the results anonymous. Enhance your meetings with 2.0 solutions and save time and efficiency. Impress your direction with!
  • You can also use ( to do a market research. Knowing one’s market is actually the basis of marketing. Impossible to improve or know what consumers think if you do not ask their opinion. is an ideal tool to create your questionnaire, modify it, and publish it on the net.
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  • To organize an evening or an exit, a survey, a survey of satisfaction, is also done for this. Send your friends the QR code or the link to the questionnaire by e-mail, and immediately know the result of the survey.

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Easily create quizzes or surveys and share them. You will know the answers in real time.