A good name, you will choose

A product, company, website or event can not exist without a name.

You will have to find a name that:

  • will drive all your communication;
  • differentiate themselves from competition and
  • will bear a certain image.


To miss the choice of the name can be fatal to you.

Some examples of misfires: MR2 (merdeux in french or bullshit…) for an automobile brand at Toyota, KOLEOS by Renault,  PAJERO (translation from Spanish: wanker) by Mitsubishi, KINKI Nippon Tourist Company ( The Japanese company chose to change its name after discovering why so many Americans were interested in the agency’s sex tourism opportunities …). Some florileges also in terms of logos, but I may have ideas misplaced:





Some recommendations:

  • – share with your entourage the name or the logo found. An outside look may prove useful to avoid making mistakes.
  • – If your products or services are intended for export, make sure that the name you have chosen has no other meaning in another language. You can, for example, use Google Translator (https://translate.google.com/) and ask it to detect the language to translate.