With QRICK.NET, it’s possible to verify that your package has been received

QRick.net (http://www.qrick.net) will let you know if your mail or parcel sent by mail has been received by your recipient.

It’s like an acknowledgment of receipt except it’s free, easy to implement and instant.

How does this service work?

  • First of all, go to QRick.net (http://qrick.net)
  • Then fill in the form: Name and email address only. This is when QRick will generate a unique QRcode.
  • Copy and paste this QRick QRcode onto your Word document
  • Print your e-mail with this QRode QRick
  • Drag this mail to your envelope or parcel
  • Finally send it all to your recipient.

Upon receipt of your mail or parcel, your recipient is prompted to flush the QRick QRcode with his smartphone. Immediately, you (the sender) will receive an email stating that your mail or parcel has been received. The date, time and place of destination will also be communicated to you.

Nothing to pay! It’s totally free.

Not so!

I am sure that this service will also help you. If you are a merchant, merchant site or a simple user of merchant sites (leboncoin, ebay …), you can track your shipments and have a confirmation that your products are shipped and arrived.

The site contains many other possibilities:

Print the QRick QR code on your keys, your wallet, your smartphone or other precious objects …. If you lose one of these objects, you hope that another person will find it and flush the QRcode. Instantly, you will receive a message by email. You only have to correspond with your savior to recover your property.
Check that your children are well back after school or sports. Always create and print this QRick QRcode. Glue it close to your front door. As soon as your children come in, they flash this QRcode and immediately you receive an e-mail. You are reassured!
You share your car, stick this QRcode in your vehicle. After each use, the driver can « QRicker » (flash QRcode), transmit the number of kilometers traveled to the owner or the user community of the vehicle. Thus it is possible to track the geolocation of the vehicle, to identify the user and the number of kilometers traveled. No need to equip you with GPS, Tracker and other expensive devices. A smartphone and a QRick label are enough
Hope this message is useful to you!